Joc WTF Did You Say?!?

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Joc de societate WTF Did You Say?!?, +18 ani, 3-17 jucatori

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WTF Did You Say?!? este un joc de societate, recomandat adultilor.

Atentie! Jocul este printat in limba engleza. Nu contine instructiuni in limba romana iar noi preferam sa nu-l traducem :).

WTF is this?

Well, this is the game made for you to entertain your guests so that you are not seen for the boring, un-creative, intolerable person that you are.

How it goes down.

Each player starts with 10 white cards in their hand.

Whomever masturbated most recently is named the first ROC or Reader of Cards.

After a thorough hand washing, this person draws and reads a red card out loud.

Each player (not the reader) then passes their “funniest” white card face down to the ROC. Once all white cards are received the ROC reads each white card out loud in context of the red card.

The ROC chooses which card they believe to be “funniest” and gives the red card to the player that played that card. Play moves around in a circle until: abs are wrecked from laughing, someone passes out, or the majority pusses out.

Person with the most red cards at the end of the game wins.

Products include: 594 Cards

Product Dimensions :20.5 x 10.5 x 7cm

Item Weight:1.14kg


Pijama party!

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      Joc WTF Did You Say?!?

      Joc WTF Did You Say?!?

      Joc de societate WTF Did You Say?!?, +18 ani, 3-17 jucatori

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